Educator Resources

Welcome to the Educator Resources page for SC Career Kids! Here, you’ll find a variety of tools and information designed to support teachers and schools in fostering career exploration among students. Our goal is to provide enriching, hands-on experiences that align with South Carolina’s educational standards and prepare students for future opportunities within our state.

 Core SC Standards Document

At SC Career Kids, we ensure that all our programs are in alignment with the South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards. These standards guide our curriculum and ensure that students are gaining relevant skills and knowledge.

Download the Core SC Standards Document: Core SC Standards PDF

This document outlines the key competencies and learning objectives that our programs aim to meet, helping educators seamlessly integrate our resources into their existing curriculum.

In-School Field Trips aka “Pop-Ups”

Bring the excitement of career exploration directly to your classroom with our in-school field trips! Our team of skilled experts will visit your school to provide interactive, hands-on activities that allow students to explore various career paths without leaving campus. Find our more information here!

What We Offer:

  • Interactive Presentations: Engaging talks by professionals from diverse fields.
  • Hands-On Workshops: Activities that give students a taste of different careers.
  • Career Panels: Q&A sessions where students can interact with multiple professionals.
Information Packet

How to Schedule: Interested in bringing an in-school field trip to your school? Contact us at or call 803-331-9956 to discuss available dates and program details.

 Super Saturdays

Super Saturdays are special weekend events that offer students an opportunity to dive deeper into career exploration. Held at various locations throughout the state, these events are designed to be fun, educational, and inspiring. Find our more information here!

Event Highlights:

  • Career Stations: Interactive booths representing different industries.
  • Workshops and Demonstrations: Hands-on activities led by industry experts.
  • Networking Opportunities: Meet and greet sessions with professionals.

Upcoming Super Saturdays: TBD

These events are open to students of all ages and their families. Keep an eye on our events calendar for more dates and locations!

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