Program Offerings

Overall, SC Career Kids aims to engage children in meaningful career exploration experiences at various stages of their education, fostering curiosity, skill development, and awareness of future opportunities in South Carolina. Below you will find a list of our programs and brief descriptions.

  1. Camps (Career Camp & Safety Town Camp): These camps provide hands-on, interactive experiences for children to explore various careers. They typically include activities, workshops, and guest speakers from different professions to give children a broad understanding of career options.
  2. After-School Programs (Career Club): After-school sessions offer extended learning opportunities where children can delve deeper into specific career interests. These programs may include skill-building activities, mentorship opportunities, and career exploration exercises tailored to the children’s interests and abilities.
  3. In-School Field Trips (Safety Town Pop-Up): These field trips bring the career exploration experience directly to schools, allowing students to engage with professionals from various fields without leaving their campus. This format often includes interactive demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and hands-on activities to spark curiosity and interest in different career paths.
  4. Additional Offerings: Beyond the core programs, SC Career Kids may offer workshops, career fairs, mentoring programs, and online resources to further support children’s career exploration journey. These additional offerings aim to provide comprehensive support and exposure to a wide range of career options for students.

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