After School Career Club!

Students meet after school to explore various career opportunities through interactive, hands-on experiences facilitated by certified teachers. Students will engage in conversations and work alongside weekly featured career experts on career-focused, project-based learning activities. Open to kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

Current Locations

Irmo Elementary
Saxe Gotha Elementary

Join the SC Career Kids After-School Career Club!

Is your school passionate about providing students with unique and engaging career exploration opportunities? The SC Career Kids After-School Career Club is the perfect way to inspire and educate future leaders about the diverse career paths available right here in South Carolina.

Our Career Club offers:

  • Hands-On Learning Experiences: Interactive sessions with skilled experts from various fields.
  • Career Field Exploration: Exposure to a wide range of industries, from STEM to the arts, business, health, public service, and more.
  • Skill Development: Activities designed to build essential skills and foster a passion for learning.
    How to Get Started

Interested in starting an After-School Career Club at your school? We’d love to partner with you! Simply complete our interest form, and a member of our team will reach out to discuss how we can bring this exciting opportunity to your students.

After-School Career Club Interest Form

Why Join?

  • Engage Students: Motivate and inspire students by connecting them with professionals and real-world career experiences.
  • Build Relationships: Foster meaningful relationships between students and community professionals.
  • Prepare for the Future: Equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for future success.

Don’t miss out on this chance to make a lasting impact on your students’ educational journey!

For more information, feel free to contact us at or send us a message!