Our Why

“Critical needs” jobs account for 45% of today’s workforce, yet only 29% of people have the necessary skills to fill these jobs. The need is tremendous. The overwhelming consensus among South Carolina employers is that too many of our state’s graduates lack critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems creatively, work collaboratively and adapt to changing priorities. SC Career Kids is committed to evolving our career ecosystem. We value connecting the state of South Carolina, local communities, educators, and industry to cultivate our children to grow a more robust workforce. We believe that partnerships within our community are essential to when, where, and how children learn and develop.

Early exposure to the work world provides opportunities for students to cultivate connections with career experts outside their family circle and learn by doing in real-world situations. These opportunities are critical to ensure that as children grow older, they can make informed decisions about their future career pathways.
Together we must build awareness and excitement about the possibilities yet to come for our children while nurturing the development of the four C’s – critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

“Our goal now is to keep up the pace and make sure that they are learning to these high standards all the way through to high school.”
US Secretary of Education and former SC Governor, Dick Riley